1950s Podcasts

Your Voice to the World

10th Grade Xblock created some podcasts based on a script from their U.S. History classes, reflecting dialogue and family life in a 1950s home. Our students utilized Audacity, Garageband, and Creative Commons music and sound effects to create podcasts.


Title: Mr. Clean All-Purpose Cleaning Wash!
by Emmett

Title: Margaret's Misadventures
by Kashi, Megan, Lexi, and Jesse

Title: 1950s Podcast
by Isaac, Jeff, Trevor

Title: 1950s History Podcast
by DeShawn, Izzy, and Nick

Title: Cam and Jory podcast
by Cam and Jory

Title: Kyri's podcast
by Kyri

Title: HIstory Podcast
by Andrew, Gabe, and Malachi

Title: History Podcast
by Mark

Photo Credit
Radio by themarkpike