Make a graphic story of your own!

One of the overarching themes of American Born Chinese is the idea of being uncomfortable in one's own skin, a concept many of us have admitted to knowing and/or feeling. For your comic, I would like you to create a story of a character (which could represent you or not!) who finds him or herself in a situation where he wants to fit in so badly that he will change who he is (in appearance, ideology, etc.).


1. Your character idea (what does this character look like? act like? think like?)

2. The situation he/she finds himself in (at school, at a party, in a store, etc)

3. What he or she thinks about the situation authentically (on the inside)

4. What the others feel about the situation (which is obviously different from #3)

5. How the character changes to fit in

6. What the end result is (is he/she accepted? Does the plan backfire? It's your story - you make the call!)

You want to make your story logical and interesting (and of course, in comic book style and fun to read!).


Please use the following software: (Pick one - you will need to sign up to use it)

Tech Directions

New Page & Embed Comic Strip
Make a new page using the Action bar on the left, then add a link from this page to that one, so we can all see your new comic.

-Login to wikispaces
-In the top left menu, click NEW PAGE
-Give your page a title (ignor the tag window--leave it blank)
-REMEMBER the name of your page click CREATE
-The page will open in EDIT mode
-List your first name (maybe last initial at the top)
-Embed: Copy the comic strip embed code from Pixton or Toondoo
-Click on the TV ICON (EMBED WIDGET) button in the middle of the EDITOR toolbar on the wiki page you just created
-Click the bottom left link in the WIDGET window, called OTHER HTML
-Paste in the code into the blank window
-Click Save in the bottom of the embed window
-Click Save in your EDITOR TOOLBAR on the wiki
-You should see your comic appear:)
-Now, return to this page
-Click Edit at the top of the screen
-Type in YOUR name (maybe last initial) under the last heading "Take a look at our comics"
-Highlight YOUR name with your cursor
-Go to the LINK button in the EDIT TOOLBAR
-Select the WIKI LINK tab
-Click in the PAGE NAME window bar
-Type in the first few letters of the name of your page and a lookup list will popup
-Click on the full name of your page
-Click SAVE in the EDIT TOOLBAR on this page
-Tadah! Your page is linked. Click on your name on this page to check that your link works:)

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