Simply (One More Time)
If there was one more thing
I could say to you
It would simply be I love you
If there was one more thing
I could do for you
It would be to hold you
If I got
One more shot
I would give it all I got
Just to see you
Just to touch you
One more time
If there was one more day
I could spend with you
I would simply spend it watching you
If there was one more thing
I could give to you
It would simply be my love to you
If I got
One more shot
I would give it all I got
Just to see you
Just to touch you
One more time

I’m Only 17
I'm only 17.
I wasn't ready.
I should've said no
Because I didn't want to
But he loves me, right?
Cause now I've got
A kid on the way.
A fatherless kid
Cause he left me now.
Why couldn't I just
Stick up for myself?
Say no. Say I'm not ready.
I'm only 17.

I'm gay.
They're so mean to me.
Why can't they love me?
And accept me for who I am
They always told me to follow my heart
Well, my heart led me on this path.
And I came out
And they kicked me to the curb.
My parents?
They hate it.
My friends?
They're like, "Get away from me, homo."
I thought they loved me
What the fuck.
Like, they're gonna love me when I''m "normal"
And hate me when I show
Who I really am
And it's not like I'm a freak of nature
And it's not like I changed 'cause I'm gay
And it's not like I chose to be like this.
They're making me hate myself.
I shouldn't hate myself.
They shouldn't hate me
They were supposed to love me
Why can't they love me.

in the night
the struggle
the fight
the pills
the knife
turn off
the lights
and think
is it right
to do this
a choice
must be made
a boy
must be saved
a battle
is fought
a life
is distraught
what would
he do
what would you do
if this boy was you?

in a room
dimmed lights
end life?
no one cares
pass on ?
or move on?
the pills
on the bed
how he wished
he was dead
someone calls
through the walls
his name
down the hall
gotta think
make a move
live or die
and with a sigh
he puts
away the pills
and walks

will not
let you abuse me
emotionally, or
And you
will not
take advantage of me
I do not
want to have sex
i'm not ready
I love you
I care
I will not
let you pressure me
into doing
what I don't want to do.
And if it means we're over
so be it.
Because I am going to
listen to myself
my heart
my mind
and my needs.
am a
nice and fantastic

Through the window
Of the second floor.
Why did I do that.
I thought... I thought...
She loved me
I thought...
She wanted to.
When did I become
This... This monster?
Pushing her
Out of the window?
Out of my life?
What the fuck?
I should have let her go
I should have let her say no.


Lights off.

She’s alone.

Abandoned in the alley.

He left her

By herself

Bleed it out

Close to death.

Lights on.

Here comes the siren.

Here come the people

Fade in.

Black out.

Fade in.

Black out.

And fade in again.

Her mother’s crying.

Her father is yelling.

“Someone help,

Someone help,

Someone help me please.”

The siren is here...

Put her inside it.

Zoom in.

See the black eyes and bruises.

Zoom out.

See the tears and the people.

We’re in the hospital.

Two months later.

Look up.

See his face in the moonlight.

She screams

But doesn’t make a sound.

Look down.

See the blood on the table.

See the knife in her hand.

See the wound on her heart.

Too late.

You could have saved her.

You blame yourself.


She’s gone.

All you can do is cry now.

The pain’s so alive now.

You’re alone in this world.

You hurt.

The only one that loved you.

You grab

The knife

As you say goodbye.

Fall down.

The nurses rush over.

They scream.

But it’s a little too late.

Too bad.

You could have saved her.

You could have saved yourself

Hadn’t you hurt her.

And scars heal

At least on the outside

Cuz the ones on the inside

Will last forever...