Why the Sky Turns Colors

by Amir

A long long time ago, four little Native American brothers were so fascinated with the whiteness of the sky. They had so many ideas about how this could possible be. They loved it though, especially during the snow. After a while, this white sky tended to get boring, so boring that it made them get into arguments because they had nothing else cool to do. So one day, the youngest of them was coloring on the front sidewalk of his hut. He was coloring with a blue and violet crayon. He was minding his own business, and the middle child accidentally stepped on his picture, which he worked so hard on. As he stepped on his picture, he also stepped on the two crayons that the youngest was using. When he stepped on these two crayons, blue and violet ink shot out of the tip and up into the skies.The two brothers didn't know what had happened; all they saw was the sky getting a darker tint to it.

They ran so fast with joy inside their hut to get their other two siblings. Soon they figured out what happened. The three of them looked at the youngest one and shouted, “WHERE DID YOU GET THESE CRAYONS!?!” The youngest brother was speechless because he was just amazed at what had happened. He finally told them where. He took them to a back alley where there was this humungous whole. In it was the same blue and violet crayons that he had colored with in his picture. They were sitting around figuring out how could they bring it back to their home without looking suspicious. So finally the eldest came up with an idea to just bring some home each day and squirt them at night. So that why even when its dark out we can still kind of see the dark blue color in the sky. Today these boys names are still unknown and that's why we are still questioning this today.

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