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The setting is when, where and what time the story takes place and it's often connect to other literary elements, like conflict. In The Graveyard Book one of the ways that conflict is tied in with setting is the ghoul gate. The ghoul gate is a conflict because it's a gate that leads to hell. Bod, the main character,was trapped in hell with the ghouls and the ghouls were trying to turn him into what they were. The reason why I picked setting as my literally element is because the setting in a book can also tell a story to the readers in a way.In the movie trailer, I picked particular pictures to describe what I was trying to convey to the viewers. I tried to find a lot of depressing pictures or very dark feeling pictures. The music showed a little bit of where the setting is and it set the mood.


Big Cross Graveyard - By library of Congress

Old House - By pietrozuco

Old School - By wayne' s eye view

Farson Cemetery, Iowa - Beth Anne __

Ghoul Gate - By micadew

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