Multiplying Negatives and Positives

Descriptiron: The rules for multiplying negatives and positives in Algebra
Narrator: Beth Goldstein

Solving Equations With Variables on Both Sides of the Equation

Description: A way to learn math while still having fun with a dinosaur. (What could be better than that?)
Narrators: Dustin Dyno and Michele Poop

Planting the Seeds of Single Step Equations

Description: How to solve single step equations using multiplication and division
Narrators: Will and Eli

Combining Like Terms

Description: How to solve problems that involve Combining Like Terms
Narrators:Diego D'Mac and Chelsea Sea'Diva


Description: Hows to solve problems using PEMDAS
Narrators: Matt and Andrew

How to find the slope of a line

Description: tutorial on finding the slope of a line
Narrators: Nick and Xandria

Finding the Greatest Common Factor

Description: A brief tutorial on finding the GCF
Narrators: Gabe & Richard

Fraction Rainbow

Description: How to add and subtract fractions
Narrators: Jade & Sarah

Four Seasons: Adding & Subtracting Positive & Negative Numbers

Description: Tutorial on how to add and substract positive and negative numbers
Narrators: Ishara & Sophie

Master Magicians: Changing Decimals to Fractions

Description: Tutorial on how to take a decimal and change it into a fraction
Narrators: Leo & Bobby, with guest appearance by Chef Sarah F.

Order of Operations: PEMDAS

Description: The rules to follow for simplifying expressions with many operations
Narrators: Nicole and Brooke

Recipe for Success: Finding the Least Common Denominator

Description: Using prime factor trees to create a "recipe" for the Least Common Denominator
Narrator: Chef Sarah F.